To supply our customers with products and services that are the best value for money on the market and to contribute to a better world through healthy, quality and environmentally friendly products, ensuring animal welfare and offering fair prices to reach as many people as possible, is the raison d’être of the Lence Group.


We want to be a source of inspiration so that everyone, consumers and group employees, can be true to themselves and fight tirelessly to achieve their dreams. 

Be yourself and believe in it

At Lence we do not follow conventions. We have a unique way of doing things, it’s in our DNA.

Being true to oneself, believing in our principles and working according to them brought us to where we are and will be what guarantees the success of our corporation in the future.

Perseverance takes you closer​ to your goals

Having the daily tenacity required to achieve a goal is as important as setting it.


For us consistency is non-negotiable, it is implicit in everything we do.

Initiative is the driving force
that makes things happen

At Lence we take the lead, we don’t wait for others to decide for us or for things to happen on their own.

For us, this dynamism is the raw material that makes us progress.

Collaboration to go far

We all have a lot to contribute, but what really makes us prosper is pooling all our work together.

We all build our success together. If star players don’t know how to play as a team, they don’t fit in with Lence’s philosophy. 

Positive cooperation enriches everything we do and helps us reach places we could never have imagined reaching on our own.

Our people always come first

We are proud to say that Lence is formed by a great team in which each of us plays a key role.

In our daily lives we share more than labour relations and we need each other to be able to operate at full capacity.

That is why we strive to contribute to making life easier and more pleasant for our colleagues.

We all deserve to have a full life and success in our work to achieve personal satisfaction and make our dreams come true.

Our way of working focuses on achieving this goal and we are totally convinced that this is the best way to achieve it.

Quality is demonstrated by facts

Everything we do has the same objective: to obtain the highest rating.
Our projects, our processes and our products are only conceived under the perspective of the highest quality.


Our milk is subjected to strict quality controls through independent bodies such as the Laboratorio Inteprofesional Galego de Análise do Leite (Galician Interprofessional Milk Analysis Laboratory). Exhaustive and rigorous analyses evaluate its levels of physical-chemical quality, stability and the absence of antibiotics to guarantee the product’s natural properties and optimum quality.

Galicia, from start to finish

Our activities are essential to boost the Galician economy, we care about creating quality employment and we provide essential goods and services to the population.


We were born in Galicia and our companies develop their activity in this land, but we maintain the desire to ensure the growth of both our team and the achievements of our company, always focusing on supporting local communities and promoting rural development, encouraging sustainability and respect for the environment. 

True Sustainability

Not only do we care about the optimum quality of the products we sell, but also about the impact they have on the environment.  The packaging of our dairy products is made from renewable raw materials from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. These are fully recyclable cartons with a rectangular space-saving shape for transport and storage, further reducing the environmental impact. The solution with the lowest carbon footprint on the market developed with 100% Renewable Electric Energy.