Lence is a family group
dedicated to food
since 1975

6th largest UHT milk company in Spain


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Dairy product


Million litres of milk


Million Euros
in sales 2021

Galicia, from Start to Finish

Jesús Lence‘s launch into the dairy sector came about, as he liked to say, due to “a huge coincidence”.

After being on the verge of bankruptcy in his first business venture, our founder accepted three milk transport tankers as payment from a customer. This is how what seemed like the end became the beginning of his greatest business success and the starting point of the major group that Lence is today.


His success did not come about by chance, but by living by his values: courage to be oneself, persistence to achieve goals, initiative to make things happen and collaboration, because together we go further.


Our activities are essential to boost the Galician economy, we care about creating quality employment and we provide essential goods and services to the population.


We were born in Galicia and our companies develop their activity in this land, but we maintain the desire to ensure the growth of both our team and the achievements of our company, always focusing on supporting local communities and promoting rural development, encouraging sustainability and respect for the environment. 

Our brands

One of our main areas of activity is the production of dairy products for the food industry. We market dairy products of the highest quality through 5 different own brands (Río de Galicia, Leyma Natura, Solar, Cremosita and Gallega) and other large distribution brands, all of which aim to supply our customers with products and services that are the best value for money on the market and to contribute to a better world through healthy, quality, environmentally friendly products, ensuring animal welfare and offering fair prices to reach the greatest possible number of people.

Proven quality


Everything we do has the same objective: to obtain the highest rating. Our projects, our processes and our products are only conceived under the perspective of the highest quality.
Our milk comes from Galician farms that are Aenor certified in animal welfare. We only bottle 100% Galician milk.  Our milk is subjected to strict quality controls through independent bodies such as the Laboratorio Inteprofesional Galego de Análise do Leite (Galician Interprofessional Milk Analysis Laboratory). Exhaustive and rigorous analyses evaluate its levels of physical-chemical quality, stability and the absence of antibiotics to guarantee the product’s natural properties and optimum quality.

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