Group Companies

Although food is the area on which we focus most of our efforts, we also develop our activity in other sectors such as the hospitality industry, transport, or petrol stations and service stations. We cover our customers’ needs with agile, flexible management, in which the decision making is direct, and we maintain a simple structure that enable highly fluid communication.


Not only are we leaders in Galicia, the most important milk producing region in the country, but Grupo Lence is also the 6th largest UHT milk marketing company in Spain, as one of 6 companies in the milk sector that account for more than 75 percent of the national market.

The Lence Group focuses most of its activities on the food sector, in the production of milk and dairy products for national and international distribution. Our main customers are department stores and supermarket chains:

• Río de Galicia

• Cremosita

Leyma Natura

• Gallega

• Solar

• Large distribution brands

The Lence group company Transleche is responsible for the daily milk collection at source of the more than 300 million litres sold each year. The transport network comprises 80 vehicles for the collection and distribution of the end product.

The Lence Torres Group owns a chain of petrol stations and service stations in the provinces of A Coruña and Lugo.

The Lence Group is present in the hospitality sector with numerous catering establishments, in addition to the Hotel and Apartahotel Forum Ceao, located 5 minutes from the provincial capital of Lugo, a World Heritage Site.

The diversification of the Lence Group includes the real estate sector through the company Complejo San Cristóbal, whose main business area is rental property and investment.